Prescription Pills Addiction Recovery

Prescription drugs are available by doctor prescription to certain people for all kinds of problems. It may surprise most people to know that patients being treated for pain by their primary care physician are more likely to be addicted to prescription pain medications than heroin and cocaine. Is a prescription drug addict likely to go the way of any other recreational drug user – destruction of health, sickness, and disease?

Many people struggling with pill addiction think that recovery is nearly impossible for them. They’ve heard the horror stories of painful withdrawal symptoms, they can’t imagine life without pills, and they can’t fathom actually being able to get through a recovery effort. But people do recover from pill addiction — every day in fact. But they don’t usually do it alone. They have lots of help.

Help with pill addiction recovery can come from many different places in the form of loving family and friends, drug treatment programs, and drug rehab facilities. Recovery is a long process that requires a commitment from a lot of people, but when you get help with your pill addiction, recovery is a very real possibility.

Pill addiction recovery entails more than just getting over the physical withdrawal from pills, it also involves a healing of the mind and the mindset that started you towards pill addiction in the first
place. Recovery is a spiritual process that needs to take place in the mind, heart, and soul.

Recovery comes about after a long period of time. The initial phase is abstinence or not using the pills. Abstinence eventually moves into recovery as the addict begins to change and grow in positive
ways. Abstinence requires a decision, recovery requires effort.

Once you have gone through the abstinence phase with withdrawal from the pills, you can then move on to mental recovery. This type of recovery has to do with issues like brain function and brain chemistry. It
involves changing your attitudes, belief systems, and rational thoughts so that you don’t start using pills again.

Emotional recovery from pills is a very complex part of the healing process as well. This part of recovery has more to do with your feelings than anything else. Emotional recovery involves learning to deal
with feelings openly, honestly, and responsibly. It includes learning to express and resolve feelings in appropriate and effective ways. For most people in recovery, emotional recovery can take years.

Finally, you’ll need to recover from pill addiction spiritually. Even if you are not a religious person, spiritual recovery has more to do with your attitude toward life and how you want to live that life. When you begin to recover spiritually, the way you look at the world changes: fear is replaced by faith, self-pity turns to gratitude, resentment becomes acceptance, and dishonesty turns to honesty.

You can choose to undertake your pill addiction recovery at a rehab facility or through a 12-step program, but you truly do need to seek out the help of others if you want to have a full recovery. Very few people are able to recover from pill addiction on their own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you can have a successful recovery from pill addiction once you do!