About Addiction

An individual can become addicted to drugs while still under the influence of a physician, and even some pharmaceutical drugs. This is known as a functional addiction. Yes, a prescription drug addict may have a drug addiction but still call their doctor who will prescribe the addictive drug to be used under supervision. If the user has controlled measures, it is certainly not an addiction. One who has a dependency on drugs cannot governing himself/herself. It is certainly a form of self- compulsion.

Another form of addiction is the one which is caused due to the continuous repetition of some behavior such as compulsive beating of one’s habit, the need to search exhaustively for an incident that can be claimed as their inspiration for the drug. Illicit drugs are known to produce the same effects for a number of people with repeated use. This is commonly known as the Alaska coping mechanism.

It is often noticed that a pattern of behavior becomes established with the habit but still it may not be easy to pinpoint its root cause. Yes, it may have had some help before that but still a fatal knee cut by somebody in a football team may also cause it. The buildup of tolerance may have helped in the beginning. This is also the reason why some addicts claim that they had a sudden relief just before they started using again. However, it can also be because of the tolerance built up.

Tough it may be to pinpoint the actual reasons behind addiction but remember that the physical and mental addiction is soon followed by the breaking of the habit. When you can no longer hold the hands of a habit and you are not even recognizably abusing it, then you can also break the habit.

Obviously, unlike the alcoholic who works and worsens his condition, the drug addict who fixes his addiction by conforming to society and the society turns his vision to something else.

We all know people who are addicted to drugs and most of us are sensitive towards those who are doing it. Being an addict is the same as being an alcoholic although the nature of the addiction generally directs to certain set of circumstances. Let us take a deterrent example of a pilot who is trying to hold onto an area of the plane while it loses altitude, heaving it down to the earth. Someone who is upset and concerned, urged his pilot to stop and assist the frightened passengers. With time, the aviator gains authority. People look up to him, expecting him to look after his passengers.

Addiction to drugs is a disease which is greatly misunderstood. If you or someone you love is using drugs, you are not alone. In fact, you are in the majority and are part of a rising trend of heroin users in all advanced nations.